Here’s Why Cannabis Improves Yoga

According to Dee Dussault, America’s ultimate Ganja Yoga instructor, there are multiple ways cannabis improves your yoga session and several important things of which every ganja-yoga student should take note. Here are her tips to CannEpoch readers.

  1. “Primarily, it gets you out of your consciousness faster,” says Dussault. “You shift your mindset earlier-on in the yoga session, and therefore yield better results.” Used correctly, cannabis relieves the yoga student of their anxiety, body tensions, work-concerns. Starting off on a higher ground gets you to the pose your trying to achieve faster and more naturally.”
  2. “Vape pens are great for those new to cannabis. My advice, when I see someone finding their green feet, is to start there.”
  3. “Indica is a great choice for those trying to turn off the mental chatter mentioned in Tip No.1 above. It’s relaxing. Sativa is an excellent strain for those who need a little pep in their step after a long week of work,” Dussault explains.
  4. “Edibles are a great choice for yoga as the delayed effect often suits where you are in the session. It’s nice to get that hit half-way through the class,” she says. “However, start small. Edibles can sometimes be a lot more potent than they look, particularly to beginners.”
  5. “You can always scale up but it’s trickier to come down fast. Try a little, see how you feel. Then if you want another puff, add one. But start slow and find your happy place. Don’t forget the delayed effect of edibles can be deceiving, so have patience,” she advises.


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