Clever Cannabis Shirts You’ll Love

Plant Manager

$18.97. Click here to purchase.

If you’re an actual plant manager in any industry, then this is perfect. Of course, if you work in a dispensary, it’s equally funny and useful self-labeling information to help guide customers.



Chicken Pot Pie

At $6 this Chicken Pot Pie shirt is actually cheaper than a chicken pot pie! Designed and printed in the U.S., this shirt addresses the national problem of ravenously craving comfort food after smoking pot, and solving math. We love it.

$6. Click here to purchase.


Netflix & Kush

This one covers all the bases. It’s only missing GrubHub! The fabric is super soft and it’s a loose, casual fit, with three-quarter length sleeves.

$23.99. Click here to buy.



Fifty Shades of Green

We’d much rather wear this than read 50 Shades of Grey. With so many fans of the books and films out there, everyone knows someone who’d like this shirt.

$22. Click here to buy.




This is funny not only because it’s true, but because while fast-food junkies are racking up their cholesterol count, the cannabis curious are still being judged for enjoying a healthy plant product. This tee-shirt sums it up.

$19.99. Click here to buy.



Yes! This is what we’ve been saying the whole time! It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s subtle. And it’s message is vital. It’s handmade too, and 100% cotton.

$14.99. Click here to buy.


Nobody Cares

Well almost nobody. The time to make a fuss has passed and now it’s just a way of life for the average consumer, or soon will be.

We love this simple statement in black and white.

$11.99. Click here to buy.



Call Me Duncan Hines

Not only is this funny, but it makes us think of Duncan Hines Chocolate Candy Mix. Handmade from baby-knit cotton, this a favorite.

And if you want the Duncan Hines recipe, it’s right here!

$17.10. Click here to buy.

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