8 Tips For The Cannabis Curious

Chef Holden Jagger and Rachel Burkons are the co-founders of Altered Plates: a dynamic team bringing expertise in the food, cannabis and alcohol spaces to the cannabis curious consumer.

Chef Holden Jagger is a renowned chef who has worked in some of California’s top restaurants over his 15-year long career. Beginning as an apprentice in a sushi restaurant, Holden learned the value of hard work, attention to detail, and simplicity on the plate. From there, he learned to be a pastry chef at Town Hall in San Francisco, before moving back to his native Los Angeles, where he worked for years at Craft Steakhouse. His time as the bread maker and pastry chef at the now-shuttered Muddy Leek earned him a Zagat 30 Under 30 nod, and he went on to open Curtis Stone’s much-loved Maude restaurant, before spending two years as the Executive Pastry Chef at Los Angeles’ Soho House.

In 2016, Chef Holden followed his lifelong passion for cannabis cooking and cultivation, founding a private dining and consulting company, Altered Plates. There, Holden and his team develop custom culinary cannabis experiences, with an emphasis on pairing flavors in cannabis with flavors in food. Chef Holden relies on his years of cannabis cultivation to also utilize every part of the plant, from pollen and pickled male plants to dehydrated leaves. His innovative and upscale take on working with cannabis like any other ingredient places him at the forefront of this industry.

“Personally, I believe incorporating cannabis into your life via food and beverage is a natural fit, both from a wellness and an adult recreational viewpoint.” – Rachel Burkons.

Rachel Burkons is a renowned trendsetter, reporter, editor and competition judge in the alcohol space as well as the cannabis category.  We asked her for tips on how the novice can get more involved with cooking and drinking with cannabis.

“The modern cannabis industry is lightyears ahead of where it was even five to ten years ago,” says Rachel. “There’s a whole new emphasis on cannabis as a wellness agent, and new products out there that not only encourage mindful consumption, but also focus on cannabis’ non-psychoactive components (like CBD) and how to integrate them into your lifestyle through a variety of mechanisms,” she adds.

“Personally, I believe incorporating cannabis into your life via food and beverage is a natural fit, both from a wellness and an adult recreational viewpoint. At Altered Plates, we believe that cannabis can be both a superfood and offer an avenue to kick back and relax at the end of a long week,” Rachel concludes.

Rachels’ 8 Tips For The Cannabis Curious:

  1. Get to know a few basic terms.
  2. Understand a cannabinoid and know the difference between CBD and THC.
  3. If you are interested in exploring THC as an edible/ingestible, understand your dose.
  4. Start small (5-10 mg.), wait an hour and then go from there.
  5. If you are going to be mixing THC and alcohol, be even more mindful both of your dosage and quantity of spirit.
  6. Because there are so many brands, products and consumption methods out there, don’t be afraid to experiment.
  7. Find the format that suits you best, whether it is vaping or sublingual CBD drops.
  8. Try different brands, and ask your budtenders for their favorite products and recommendations.






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