Hemp Rescue Balms Heals Naturally

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, incorporating delicate nerve endings, sweat glands and other features that serve to protect you from the elements, and enable you to safely touch and feel the world around you.
Naturally, as you interface with the world, your skin is exposed daily to varying degrees of heat and cold, potentially harmful microbes and other elements. It can become raw, inflamed, itchy, infected and painful.
Our bodies benefit from natural treatments which contain genuinely beneficial components, Hemp Balm will moisturize skin, while promoting health throughout the body. Elixinol’s new topical CBD Hemp Balm is an entirely plant-based formula that includes whole-plant hemp extract (not an isolate).
Designed for targeted, topical relief from inflammation, pleasantly-scented rescue balm is a non-greasy CBD topical with excellent skin penetration. Works well on winter-chapped skin. 100% plant-based formulation.
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