Getting Started On Cooking With Cannabis: A Professional’s Advice

“She had two issues: she hated smoking because she worried what it would do to her lungs, and she hated the taste of cannabis in cookies or whatever.  She asked ‘what am I supposed to do? I don’t know how to take cannabis,’” – these are words JeffThe420Chef recalled when CannEpoch asked him what had motivated him, initially, to elevate the exercise of cooking with cannabis into an epicurean artform?

The woman quoted was Anna, the mother of his friend, who had been diagnosed with brain cancer. “The cookies out there taste horrible,” he remembers her saying. “She was an incredible, witty woman, and had no reservations in tasking me with sorting this cannabis debacle out for her,” Jeff laughs.

Unfortunately, Jeff’s muse, Anna, lost her final battle with cancer. Many of the people for whom Jeff cooks are battling terminal diseases, but his time with them makes the pain more bearable, and the food far more edible. “I cook for a lot of people who want CBD in their food but don’t want the taste,” he explains. “It took me about a year before I could figure out how to get the taste of cannabis completely out of the food, without reducing the desired potency.”

CannEpoch asked JeffThe420Chef for his advice on getting started with cooking with cannabis. Here’s what he told us:
  • Start with something easy, like chocolate. Kiva is a great product. Melt the chocolate and use it in a dessert. This will allow the dosage to be evenly distributed.
  • Understand strains and the effect they have on you.
  • Don’t guess dosages! If you’re making chocolate chip cookies and you want 5 mg in your dough, then measure that out exactly.
  • When making savory dishes, work with cannabis butter or oil. Just like a chocolate dessert, the cannabis dosage will be evenly distributed. Great for putting in quiche, for example.
  • Use cannabis leaves in your salad. They’re a delicious superfood.
  • Cannabis leaves also work well in spinach-cannabis leaf lasagna as they add a little pepper and spice.
  • There’s no reason to ever go beyond 10 mg – again watch your dosage!

You can learn more about cooking with cannabis from The 420 Gourmet, JeffThe420Chef’s book.



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