Seibo Shen’s Guide For The Cannabis Curious

“Our own research shows that one of the fastest-growing segments in the cannabis consumer business is the cannabis curious, 35 years and up, who haven’t really associated with cannabis since college but would like to see what’s out there now especially now because it’s legal in so many states,” so says Seibo Shen, Jiu-Jitsu martial arts fighter and the founder of VapeXhale.

“Today there are lot more varieties than there were, say 15 years ago,” he continues. “And, it’s a lot stronger too.” So what wisdom does Seibo have for this cannabis curious demographic? Funny you should ask.

CannEpoch asked Seibo Shen for his advice on how to reunite the cannabis curious with and old friend.

CannEpoch: How does someone go about getting started with cannabis, again?

Shen: Find a dispensary that runs workshops where you can test inhalables, smokables and edibles. Additionally, Weedly, Weedmaps, and Healthy Heady are useful sites. They’ll tell you about meeting which look like Tupperware parties, but for cannabis. These are great since you’re in a comfortable home it feels more welcoming, and there’s a cannabis consultant there so it’s educational more than crazy or wild.

CannEpoch: What kind of products or delivery methods are good for beginners?

Shen: Inhalables offer more control than other methods and can often be a nice, gentle way to ease into it. A vape pen is a good example, as some come with auto-shut-offs so all puffs are made equal. This way new users can ensure they don’t go too far with their intake. Maybe on three puffs you’re social but on five you’re more introspective and quiet – this is the stuff new users must figure out. Joints don’t lend as well as vape pens, to metering doses.

CannEpoch: What about safety?

Shen: Whether it’s alcohol, cannabis or soup, never accept anything from a source you don’t trust. You don’t know what’s in and what your reaction to it is going to be. So, stay around people you trust. Also, be aware of the old big tobacco brands moving in. Read labels carefully and do your own due diligence.

CannEpoch: We try to be good, but what if we’re not? What’s a cannabinoid hangover like and what’s to be done if we find ourselves waking up with one?

If, while taking cannabis, you find the psychoactive effects to be too strong, use CBD to reverse that. It will bring you back down to the baseline, sobering you up more quickly.

Shen: Ha, well first let it go on the record that I strongly advise avoiding one. Everything in moderation. However, should you get yourself into a situation where the next morning you’re a bit worse for wear, sleep it off. If, while taking cannabis, you find the psychoactive effects to be too strong, use CBD to reverse that. It will bring you back down to the baseline, sobering you up more quickly.

CannEpoch: What’s next for the cannabis industry?

Shen: Previously, this was a culture of people using cannabis largely for medical reasons, and of course, it was otherwise illegal. The “I’ll watch your back and you watch mine” element is diminishing as well as the “government versus patient” feel. This may lead to cannabis becoming a much more recreational, rather than medicinal, item.

Natasha Swords

Managing Editor

Natasha Swords has been a magazine publisher, editor and writer in the alcohol industry for over twenty years. Throughout her career, she has launched and published numerous magazine titles, and written thousands of articles read nationally and internationally. She is currently the publisher of CannEpoch Magazine, launched in February 2018.

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