Dee Dussault: Cannabis-Powered Yoga And Sexuality Coach

Toronto-born, but now San Francisco-based, Dee Dussault is a hatha and restorative ganja yoga instructor.  She carries an Honors Degree in Sexuality Studies.  She’s a tantra and sexuality coach. She’s an author, and a pioneer.

Ganja Yoga: A Practical Guide to Conscious Relaxation, Soothing Pain Relief, and Enlightened Self-Discovery by Dee Dussault.

For $25 per yoga class, and about the same for the sexuality coaching classes, Dussault invites you into an environment where she incorporates a ganja-enhanced experience to shed inhibitions and thought-limiting barriers, in-order-to achieve a more effective experience.

Those who attend her class are invited to come a half-hour ahead of time and peruse the various cannabis items she shares with class members including joints, vape pens, dabs, low-dosage edibles, and CBD tinctures among and topics for massages where pain release is required. Although it’s certainly not required that visitors partake in cannabis, it’s usual that they do.

All levels are welcome and Dussault says she likes to focus on restorative, posture-improving, slow hatha yoga. When she started out with ganja yoga and sexuality coaching, Dee Dussault was sailing alone in uncharted seas, “This all evolved naturally. I realized how wonderful my body felt when using cannabis during yoga and, of course, I thought I wonder if everyone could feel this good?”

15 -30 people attend each yoga class, two of which run in San Francisco, and two in Oakland, each week. “I tend to get a lot of people who are new to cannabis but not to yoga. Mainly gen-x people but baby boomers too, since cannabis became legal. This is a demographic that is taking more ownership of its health and pain management,” Dussault explains.

Some classes she finds, however, end up with cannabis users who want to try yoga for the first time, usually represented in the form of men accompanying girlfriends or wives. “The point is,” explains Dussault, “we create a welcoming environment void of intimidation and nervousness. “

“…we create a welcoming environment void of intimidation and nervousness. “

As a sexuality coach, Dussault works with couples or singles, private sessions, and class sessions, on varying issues like expression, dysfunction which sometimes comes with age, learning to love your own body, letting go of shame, and mindfulness of blood flow, which leads to increased pleasure. Tantra retreats for couples are organized annually where there is the even fuller immersion of mental and physical awareness.

“It’s about being more present. The sexuality coaching classes are all female. We start off with chocolate strawberries, we choose our cannabis and afterward stick around for tea. It’s all super-relaxed and openhearted with low-lighting and a little Rhianna,” says Dussault.

Both the yoga and sexuality classes require reservations which can be started through the website:

Dussault has been practicing yoga since she was a teen. “Someone got me a yoga VHS tape as a gift {she laughs as though catching herself out}. Whoops, now I’m showing my age. That was 23 years ago. Nine years ago, I started my own practice.”

What’s next for Dussault? She plans to take her practice on the road, and down to Los Angeles, where her laid-back, all-are-welcome-and-none-are-judged vibe, is certain to capture the hearts and minds of a grateful Southern California. Watch this space.



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