Decarboxylator Just Released For Consumer Market

Ardent company recently launched, what it says, is the first-of-its-kind NOVA Decarboxylator. This new, game-changing at-home device guarantees maximum potency from your cannabis flower or extract—giving users the absolute freedom to create their very own edibles, lotions, facial toners, seasonings, vitamins, and more.

The NOVA is a great get gadget for the cannabis connoisseur, home chef and foodie, tech and beauty lover, or DIY and wellness enthusiasts.

It allows the plant’s full potential to be unlocked—conventional methods, such as cooking or smoking, wastes up to 50% of available THC!

Fun Fact: Female-founder and inventor, Shanel Lindsay, is also a Boston-based attorney and cannabis activist who helped draft the state of Massachusetts’ adult use cannabis law.

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