3 Cannabis Coffees That Will Kickstart Your Day

Brewbudz: Flower Based and Lifestyle Integrated

For the environmentally-conscious (aren’t we all surely?), Brewbudz is dedicated to using only organic, recycled, compostables materials to deliver a medical solution that can be part of your daily life.

Brewbudz offers 100% compostable pods to offer both convenience and quality without worrying about the environmental impact. Scientists and world class experts got together to create the world’s only compostable mesh of its kind. The distinctive ring on every pod comes from the skin of roasted beans and the lid is a combination of compostable materials and inks. When composted correctly, the pod can break down in as little as 5 weeks, leaving no toxic residue.

You can purchase Brewbudz by clicking here.


Clockwork Coffee’s Instant Clarity

Clockwork Coffee has the ideal balance of caffeine for energy, and Ripple-powered THC distillate for clear-headed creativity. This 100 percent Colombian instant coffee is available in convenientsingle-dose sticks, and can be prepared hot or iced. Energizing consumers while melting stress away, Clockwork Coffee is available in two strengths: Balanced 5, with 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, and Pure 10, with 10 mg of THC.

Currently available in dispensaries across Colorado. Click here for a full list.

MSRP is $25.


The House of Jane, Fast and Easy

The House of  Jane says it’s mastered the perfect blend of quality gourmet coffee and high-grade CO2 cannabis oil to make Jane’s Brew Coffees. Our THC-infused coffees are fast-acting and long-lasting with no cannabis smell or aftertaste.

Plus, you choose the dosage needed to meet your needs: Focused and alert or relaxed and mellow.

  • Anytime, anywhere therapy
  • Discreet method to medicate
  • Synergistic effects of caffeine and cannabis
  • Available in Sativa/Indica and CBD Strains
  • No cannabis smell or aftertaste
  • Lab tested and certified for quality and consistency
  • Pain relief and relaxation without “couch lock”
  • Effects begin within 15 minutes, last 3 to 5 hours

For pricing and to buy, click here.

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