Consumers Talk About What Cannabis Means To Them

Diem Cannabis, which offers two-hour weed delivery in Portland,  talked to consumers on discovering, or rediscovering cannabis in 2018.


Hattie: THC, Just Not For Me

No matter how hard some of us try, THC just doesn’t work for us. You either don’t feel anything or you just feel everything. Hattie smoked weed for the first time in Amsterdam which, as you know, is the ultimate destination for a lot of potheads one day. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the experience she was hoping for and that everyone told her to expect. She just got a headache. The second time she smoked it she was in California. She remembers her hands starting to tingle and not moving for multiple hours before falling asleep. The third time she was determined to have this said experience everyone else is constantly telling her about and ate edibles. She mistakenly didn’t wait long enough (this is a common error) before eating almost double of what she initially ate. She describes it as a “trip” and went through every emotion one human can possibly feel every 10 minutes. Long story short it was not very positive. Fast forward and now Hattie is open to using CBD, but thinks THC just isn’t for her. She is hoping Diem will carry CBD animal products soon because she has read a lot about it helping pets like hers which suffer from occasional seizures. She continues to support cannabis in her own way trying topicals here and there, but has given THC a kiss goodbye.

Sal: Cannabis Serves Its Purpose

Not everyone chooses to stick to one strain. There are some of us who can partake in both, but it’s slim pickings. Sal uses weed as a tool for his anxiety; it’s been a process to see what works best for him since he dabbles in both indica and sativa. Experiences in the past seemed helpful, but now those intentions have differed and its purpose has changed. Sal’s mind is usually racing so wee has really helped with slowing things down enough that he doesn’t have those overlapping trains of thought. Sal is a programmer and building things like software can require a lot of attention. It can be amazing for helping keep focused if he’s doing something that is more repetitive like coding or even down to gaming late in the night with friends. His ideal situation isn’t with a group of people but rather with a couple of close friends who can just “shoot the shit”. He typically doesn’t smoke before going out because he wants to fully engage in whatever conversations might happen. Once he feels comfortable that all those conversations have been met, he then feels comfortable smoking. He describes it like water after a long run.

Christina: Knows Her Limits

Ever since Christina learned about weed it has constantly been surrounding her entire life. Not to say it’s in her face all the time, but it’s constantly being talked about in the news and media. It’s a widely discussed topic these days in so many different ways. Christina smokes weed once in a blue moon now. She’s quite sensitive to THC. High strains of THC give Christina anxiety so, strains with high CBD and low THC are a gift from mother earth in her eyes. She has always known her limitations. She loves seeing CBD taking the front seat these days. CBD seems so necessary in her mind especially when thinking about people like her mother who has suffered for so long from being diabetic and having circulation issues her whole life. It was only until Christina was a little older that she smoked her mom out for the first time. They had some constructive conversations, but mainly just laughed the entire time. Something Christina will cherish her whole life was seeing her mom just laugh and not focus on her stress or pain even if it was just for an hour. Examples like this are why she supports cannabis. She hasn’t always personally had the need for it, but she feels safe and comfortable knowing there are strains that fit her particular needs when she is feeling up to it.

Frank: Syncing Body And Mind

Cannabis is a part of Frank’s life socially, professionally, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Not only does he support cannabis, but he can comfortably say he understands and accepts that cannabis is a gift from mother nature. Met nakedly, so-to-speak, cannabis can be a surprisingly powerful medicinal plant. Cannabis helps Frank with his integrity in caring and respecting planet earth along with all of the people on it. He is able to perceive the gradient of its effects. We all grow, develop and change over the course of our time here on earth. In the past, marijuana was purely recreational for Frank and, quite frankly, was just fun.  Then came a time when marijuana was not beneficial to him. He didn’t like how he felt when he was high. He wasn’t as social and he lacked motivation. This induced a break for some time and now, with education, technology, and product innovation, he can spin-off his experiences according to the effects desired. He uses cannabis in accordance with the situation. When mind and body are synchronized, you feel good, you feel centered in a sense. Frank is all about that physic connection and embodies these exercises as his teachings.

Candice: Accessibility Is A Dream Come True

Suicidal depression and crippling anxiety are not something to be scared of, instead Candice wants awareness. Candice wants to help break the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety because she believes being alone in your mental illness is one of the hardest things to bear. Candice doesn’t look “suicidal” or “depressed” when you first meet her, but that’s one of the problems with these illnesses. They are invisible. Like the physiological pain she suffers every day, a doctor doesn’t see it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. She wanted something with no side-effects that holds the same function. CBD reminds her of her old prescription drugs without the addictive trait attached. Before CBD was so popular she didn’t see the many uses cannabis has. At one point cannabis was the reason she was able to rebuild her life and get back on her feet. Her house had burnt down, she had to drop out of school and had nowhere to live.

Someone offered her a place to stay and work on a farm in California. Being so involved in the industry showed her the benefits for not only herself, but for others also. When she returned to Oregon,  weed was legal – a dream come true for her. Having your meds so accessible was life changing and she is grateful for each new day.


  1. Great article, I deal with depression and PTSD from serving 22 years in the US Army and 42 months of that in combat. I hope to continue to use THC and CBD for both the PTSD and the aches and pains I have from the pounding the Army gave me.

    1. Thank you for your comment Abel. I’m sure you’ll find the right combination of THC and CBD to help you with your PTSD. We’ll continue to post editorial from experts in the field for you and other readers to use as resources.

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