“It’s Legal” – Even The Video Will Elevate You

From Mirth comes Legal. An all-natural sparkling tonic, crafted for that perfect high. No high-fructose. A mix of bubbles, fruit and as much locally sourced ingredients as Mother Nature will allow. Crafted strain-by-strain to deliver five different but consistent good times.

It comes available in five flavors: Pomengranate Sativa, Lemon Ginger Indica, Rainer + Cherry Hybrid, Cranberry CBD (CBD + THC), Espresso Mocha Sativa.

We love this product because it’s so shareable and casual. We also, however, love the song from the video, which the people on the CannEpoch team can now, not get out of our respective heads. Consider yourself warned.

Find Legal on sale near you by clicking here.

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