Want To Cook With Cannabis? Meet The LEVO

LEVO is a luxe lil’ appliance that infuses any oil or butter with any herb (yep, including weed) at home, mess free. The appliance was created by a (badass) gal named Christina Bellman who quit her senior job at IBM in 2017 and moved to Denver to launch LEVO.

You Can:

  • Enjoy cannabis … microdose, create a topical or find your sweet spot
  • Create a cannabis and olive oil marinade, or rosemary + canna + avocado oil.
  • Infuse your own cannabis butter for edibles
  • Infuse coconut oil with cannabis for the body — or your partner’s body
  • A canna and lavender infused sweet almond oil for a luxe salt scrub

To buy @ Levo  and https://www.levooil.com/pages/store-locator

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