Diem Cannabis Cycles Through The New Era

Diem Cannabis’s founders Chris Mitchem and Frank Kanekoa give credit to Peter Giese of Nice Touch Corporation, a marketing firm they hired to come up with friendly, effective, fun ways to let their customers know Diem Cannabis is for everyone.

Diem Cannabis is a Portland-based company delivering kush, pre-rolls, capsules, oils, isolate, soaking salts, shatter, and edibles to the Portland and Salem areas.

“We were looking for a friendly, light, carefree campaign that showed cannabis’s new position which is all out in the open,” Chris Mitchum told CannEpoch.

Chris Mitchum and Frank Kanekoa, founders of Diem Cannabis.

“The bikes are parked in various locations around Portland, which is a very bike-friendly town,” says Chris. “We love seeing people stopping to take pictures which they later share with friends or on social media.”

Diem Cannabis and Nice Touch Corporation plan to scale up the number of bikes and branch out to more neighborhoods. The goal is to not only advertise Diem Cannabis as a free delivery service for cannabis but also to remove the taboo surrounding the category as a whole.

The company, which started just over a year ago, produces its own high-quality indoor flower, crafted on a small scale to maintain standards. It intends to launch Calm Water soon, adding to its already comprehensive line of products.

Natasha Swords

Managing Editor

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