How to Fit Cannabis into Your Lifestyle

Caliva provides marijuana products within an enhanced retail experience. The staff is thoroughly educated on use, delivery methods, dosage, and strains so customers leave Caliva feeling confident with no questions unanswered.

You want to benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and the focus-strengthening quality of THC, but you don’t see yourself as the smokin’, token’ type.

What do you do? Well, it’s easy to involve cannabis in your life according to Dennis O’Malley of Caliva — “the best marijuana shop in America” according to Business Insider. Caliva also has the largest volume and capacity of oil production than any other producer in the state of California.

“Are you a coffee drinker? A few drops of oil in your coffee will substitute the Tylenol you take in the morning.”

— Dennis O’Malley.

“Oil and micro-dosing are the future,” says O’Malley. “Are you a coffee drinker? A few drops of oil in your coffee will substitute the Tylenol you take in the morning. Microdosing gives you more power than a pharmaceutical capsule does. Drop by drop, you find your perfect measure,” he adds.

Dennis O’Malley

O’Malley told CannEpoch that while flower out-paid vape pens two to one just last year, vape pens and flower are operating at a 1:1 ratio in 2018.

Caliva sells oils for use in various brands’ products, and through its own dispensary, Caliva serves the public directly. O’Malley feels that “of all cannabis’s forms, oil empowers athletes, professionals, baby boomers and everyone else who wants to address an ailment to find the correct dosage which might be for just a few days, by the way. Everyone’s requirements don’t warrant a 30-day supply of opioids from a doctor, or a doctor at all for that matter.”

With the advent of legalization, O’Malley observes that the general consumer will become brand loyal as they learn to trust certain names that offer the consistency which is at the root of micro-dosing.

Caliva delivers within the Bay Area, free of charge. 

Natasha Swords

Managing Editor

Natasha Swords has been a magazine publisher, editor and writer in the alcohol industry for over twenty years. Throughout her career, she has launched and published numerous magazine titles, and written thousands of articles read nationally and internationally. She is currently the publisher of CannEpoch Magazine, launched in February 2018.

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