Women’s History Month Series: Safon Floyd

Founded by three brown cannabis enthusiasts, Sirita Wright, Kali Wilder, and Safon Floyd (pictured here), EstroHaze looks to destigmatize the stifling image that has, in past, been associated with female consumers and minority communities that enjoy the many benefits of this plant.
The three women are building community, providing resources, enlightening and entertaining as they set out on a mission to paint this industry every color that it currently lacks.

We’re thrilled to kick off our Women’s History Month Series with Safon Floyd, an unstoppable force, and advocate for diversity in the cannabis industry. Floyd is the co-founder and CCO of EstroHaze, Inc, a multimedia company highlighting the business and lifestyles of multicultural women in cannabis.

CannEpoch: What did you see as the main priority of your arrival into the cannabis industry?

Floyd: My (our) main priority upon arrival into the cannabis industry is access and opportunity for minorities, particularly women. Black and brown people are unfairly underrepresented in an industry that we’ve suffered greatly for. This is by no means okay. EstroHaze looks to reveal and promote the many business and lifestyle opportunities that may be afforded to people of color by way of this plant. Through our platform we look to expose, uplift, enlighten. We believe that information breeds opportunity. 

CannEpoch: Do you notice anything that you feel pertains in particular to you as a woman?

Floyd: As a woman, particularly a black woman, in this industry the first thing you notice is that it’s white male dominated. This isn’t discouraging, however, as though it’s male-dominated, it’s also an industry where women hold about 27% of executive positions (though this number seems to be declining), which is higher than the average. As a woman, I’m encouraged by the space and opportunity to be a leading force, as the industry is still fairly new, and have a hand in shaping how this industry moves forward, and with whom. 

CannEpoch: Where do you see the future of women in this industry?

Floyd: On our watch, the future for women in this industry is so bright it’s blinding. The trick is to remain diligent, informed, inspired and to do the work. The opportunity is there, there’s no doubt about it, our job is to cease it. The interest and proactivity of women surrounding the cannabis industry are impossible to ignore. We’re building, collaborating, and taking a by any means necessary approach to assuring that not only are we not left behind, but that we thrive.  

CannEpoch: Why is it important to have more women in this industry?

Floyd: Having more women in the industry could widen the perspective lens, broaden the conversation, and shift the perception of the importance of this plant medically, recreationally, and professionally. The influence of women in decision-making and execution, at home and beyond, should be adhered to, especially when dealing with matters as important as this one. 

“On our watch, the future for women in this industry is so bright, it’s blinding.”

— Safon Floyd, EstroHaze, Inc.

CannEpoch: Are women different, as customers, to men?

Floyd: Perhaps. I think as women we expect an experience as a customer. Whatever the experience may be, our expectation is for it to be worth our time, efforts and resources. We look for value, service, and even connection. This isn’t to imply that men don’t look for these things. This is simply to state that as a woman customer these things tend to be at the forefront. 

Natasha Swords

Managing Editor

Natasha Swords has been a magazine publisher, editor and writer in the alcohol industry for over twenty years. Throughout her career, she has launched and published numerous magazine titles, and written thousands of articles read nationally and internationally. She is currently the publisher of CannEpoch Magazine, launched in February 2018.

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