5 Cannabis Focused Shows You Should Be Watching

By Justin Simon

A formula for success: creative stoners + influx of financial capital into the cannabis space + entertainment audiences flocking away from TV to specialized content creators = a flood of outstanding cannabis themed programming. Forget Netflix and chill, let’s stream and smoke. Here are five shows you should be binge watching right now.

Super Slackers (420TV)

Finally, the cartoon that the stoner community has been waiting for, made especially for those with short attention spans. Super Slackers is a six-episode series following a group of friends who find out they have superpowers. The brainchild of David Silverman, a producer/animator/director with more than 400 episodes of The Simpsons on his resume, the R-rated, NSFW program is inappropriate, irreverent and laugh out loud funny. None of the episodes are longer than four minutes, so you’ll be able to binge watch the entire offering over lunch. But make sure you go back a second time, as they just keep getting funnier the more you watch. 420TV hasn’t confirmed a second season yet, but expect at least six more episodes later this year. The show is too good not to continue.



Weediquette (Viceland)

Viceland is currently sitting atop the cannabis programing quality leaderboard. With popular food based series Bong Appetite and F That’s Delicious, Viceland’s in your face, smart vibe has attracted legions of fans. But go back a couple years into the archives and glue your eyes to Weediquette. Hosted by Krishna Andavolu, the show gives first-person perspectives to cannabis use as it impacts huge swaths of society, covering veterans issues, gender equality, pregnancy, “stoned kids” and examines the consequences of the wave of U.S. legalization on international economies, agriculture and migration. Informative and approachable, Weediquette more often than not will change your view of what you thought you knew.



High Cuisine (Go 90)

There’s no shortage of quality cannabis-themed cooking shows across the numerous nascent cannabis-focused television/online networks and YouTube. Just see the paragraph above for two of the best. But you have to check out Go 90’s High Cuisine to really crush that craving. Professional chefs go head to head to make the best plant-based dishes all based on a theme. But before that first pan comes out, they have to get high as shit with Last Comic Standing winner and cannabis advocate Josh Blue, who determines when the chefs are stoned enough to compete. Bonus: not all chefs are regular cannabis users, and watching them navigate the kitchen high is something you’ll never see on Chopped.



Get Loud with Slink Johnson (Prohbtd)

Boisterous, brash and in your face. Meet Slink Johnson, host of the very aptly named Get Loud with Slink Johnson. Known to many as Adult Swim’s Black Jesus, the hilarious Johnson serves as your on-site tour guide to different cannabis events, dispensaries and new technologies from a perspective just not seen elsewhere in the cannabis programming space. Johnson (a.k.a. Godzilla Lungs) is a guy you’d definitely want to hang and smoke with. Launched in late 2017, Prohbtd has confirmed a new season of the original series will be out later this year.



The Marijuana Show (Amazon Prime)

Dubbing itself “Shark Tank for Cannabis”, this reality show has already been seen by 7 million people since its 2014 debut. Ganjapreneurs showcase their products and ideas in front of a panel of investors in hopes of getting funded. With more than $20 million in funding offered to contestants thus far, The Marijuana Show may just be the best conduit for startups to make that leap to successful company. The show needs to up its production quality, especially as it heads into Season 4 (applications are still being accepted to be on the show) and could use a cooler set, but the end result remains unchanged: the show will be a launching pad for numerous successful cannabusinesses. The only downside: nobody trying to get Mr. Wonderful high.


Justin Simon is the Founder and Executive Producer of Cannabest Productions (www.cannabestproductions.com), an industry leader in video production for cannabis marketing. Follow the company on Instagram @cannabestproductions.
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