Ever Wanted to Ask “What is a Terpene?”

What’s a terpene? We won’t judge you for being late to the party, but take notes, ’cause this stuff is important!

Terpenes are the super fragrant compounds found in botanical plants. To break that down a bit further, they’re the molecules responsible for an organic substance’s taste, smell, and flavor.

By carefully harvesting cannabis plants and extracting their “essential oils,” we can preserve the plant’s terpene profile or the aromatic properties contained within each strain. When combined with cannabinoids like THC and CBD,  cannabis derived terpenes synergistically work with your body’s endocannabinoid system, activate CB2 receptors, and (if fused with the right compounds,) can cause psychoactive effects. Our Legion of Bloom Monarch cartridge utilizes cannabis derived terpenes to provide consumers with an authentic stain specific, clean, flavorful vape experience.

Similar olfactory stimulation can be produced by pulling individually isolated terpenes from plants, fruits, and herbs; we refer to these as botanically derived terpenes.  Our Legion of Bloom Terrapin cartridges and Terrapen Pods are available in a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio and contain four different therapeutic terpene profiles. We recommend RE:lieve for pain, RE:lax for sleep, RE:vive for energizing, and RE:zen for mental clarity; these pods

are a great way to experience a blend of natural, botanically derived terpenes crafted to match the corresponding strain’s specific terpene profile.

Both cannabis derived terpenes and botanically derived terpenes are extracted directly from their plant sources while synthetic terpenes are produced in labs, sometimes using reproduced chemicals to imitate non-artificial plant profiles.

Our suggestion? Keep it natural, know your farmer, and ask what terpenes (if any) are in your favorite products. The best consumer is an informed consumer!

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