Martha’s Stash Set Keeps You Covert

It’s not a party if you don’t have enough to share with your guests.

Martha’s Stash Set has the solution to keep your stash covert and undercover.

The set comes with:

  • One 100ml LAUGH stash jar
  • One VdP signature hieroglyphics grinder card
  • One pack of Pop Sticks, Pink/Black
  • Each pack includes 3 signature pink cones + 3 signature black cones
  • Blackbird Incense Pyres Sampler Pack
  • Each sampler pack includes 3 Sepulchre LAUGH pyres and 3 Gorgo RELAX pyres
  • BONUS FREE 30ml RELAX stash jar

VdP Pop Sticks We’ve all been there. No pipe, no one-hitter, and no one you’re with can roll a proper joint. Enter Pop Sticks, your stash’s secret weapon. These trippy, empty pre-rolled cones will make you the life of every party. Our cones are made with ultra thin, slow-burning palm pulp paper and edible soy-based ink (FDA/EU approved). Each pack comes with 6 pre-rolled signature VdP cones so all you need to do is fill it and smoke it. Available in black, red or pink $9.  Each cone holds just under 1 gram of ground up flower.

Vdp Grinder Card This small, discreet wonder saves the day. The size of a credit card, this simple tool is slim enough to stash in your wallet so consistency and potency aren’t compromised when you’re on the go. Just as you would cheese, gently rub herb over its stylishly striped surface. Available in Lips, Peace, or Hieroglyophics $10.

  • credit card size
  • finger friendly
  • hand wash only
  • stainless steel with Teflon coating
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