NY Gov. Candidate, Cynthia Nixon, Says Marijuana Laws Punish Minorities

Cynthia Nixon, who is running for New York Governor against Andrew Cuomo, laid out her reasons for legalizing marijuana in New York, in a video released on YouTube.

Nixon opened with “I believe it’s time for New York to follow the lead of eight other states and D.C. and legalize recreational marijuana.”

The candidate said while there are a lot of good reasons for legalizing marijuana, she was driven mainly by the inequality associated with those who are arrested for possession. “We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something white people do with impunity.”

According to Nixon, 80% of people who are arrested in New York for possessing recreational marijuana are either black or Latino, even though people of all color use marijuana at roughly the same rates.

She concluded by pointing out that while white people use marijuana but are rarely arrested for it, the current laws essentially only punish minorities for its use and this imbalance would be solved by making “it legal for everyone else.”

Natasha Swords

Managing Editor

Natasha Swords has been a magazine publisher, editor and writer in the alcohol industry for over twenty years. Throughout her career, she has launched and published numerous magazine titles, and written thousands of articles read nationally and internationally. She is currently the publisher of CannEpoch Magazine, launched in February 2018.

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