3 Top Gifts By DopeBoo

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Hands down, the best dry herb device in the game today! This highly intelligent vaporizer is receiving rave reviews for having mastered the nuances dry herb requires, putting it a giant step ahead of the rest. The easy-inhale airway gives little resistance for full-sized pulls as clean, pure vapor travels through the 100% ceramic zirconia pathway for rich, robust flavor. A minimalist LED light display communicates the temperature, were can be bumped up to Boost Mode or put on Standby with the awesome smartphone Android/OS app. Four optimized presets can be adjusted on the vape itself, one lit square meaning “Low” and up to four squares for “High.” Another favorite feature of users is the easy-load dry herb chamber (and a least favorite feature of lesser quality vapes!). The lid flips open for a deep filling area, with the surface around it conveniently sloped to spill any missed material right where it’s supposed to go. This top-notch vaporizer will have you exhaling
crisp, clean clouds in under 16 seconds!
Da$289.99 Buy it here.

 Natural Rose Quartz Stone Pipe

Rich rose quartz captivates in this excellent silhouette. The Natural Rose Quartz Stone Pipe rests like a gem in the palm of your hand. It lights up like magic when sprinkled with fresh dry herb. Rose quartz is commonly known to attract love and heal heartbreak.

Whether you’re opening your heart chakra or looking for an eye-catching companion, this pipe is sure to do the trick. An elegant silhouette is amplified by a striking crystal cut. The clean-lined design glows in candlelight – bubble baths, date night, and self-care Sunday just got a whole lot more exciting. Magnificently crafted, the pipe rests like fine art that blends in
every home décor style. No need to cramp your style with eye-sore pipes anymore. Take the time to value you with the easy, unconditionally loving vibes this hand pipe has to offer. Browse our full selection of quartz crystal pipes right here on DopeBoo online.

Marley Bubbler

This luxury level bubbler transforms dry herbs into aah-worthy inhales through sustainable engineering. Experience instant pleasure in a unique hybrid design from Marley Naturals that lets you add water when you want it, but still packs a punch when you don’t. The entire piece is crafted with high-quality hand-blown glass that’s enhanced with black walnut wood sustainably sourced from North America. Designed with true enthusiasts in mind, your new go-to is ready to meet all of your needs-including looking sharp enough to second as decor! Unlike your common corner store bubbler, this extraordinary piece transcends the rest with an easy-fill screw off base and breaks down into a total of five parts for equally easy cleaning. When filled with water, the down-stem bubbles away harsh toxins through the use of a next-level globe perc for smooth, mellow draws. We’re confident even Mr. Marley himself would swoon for this conscientious, full-function bubbler.
$169.99 Buy it here.
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