Concentrate Sales Soar in Time for 7/10

Main Picture: Photo by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash

Everyone knows about 4/20, the annual celebration celebrating cannabis. But do you know about the 7/10 holiday?

7/10 is “the other” cannabis holiday, also sometimes known as Dabs Day, that celebrates potent concentrated dabs. Shatter, oils, wax, rosin, and even oil vape pens technically fall into this category, making it inclusive to many different product preferences.

The 7/10 refers to the word “OIL” spelled upside down.

The party is going to be even more popular than ever this year, as made apparent by the recent boom in cannabis concentrates. They are an attractive product category for new and experienced consumers alike, due to their potency, taste, discretion, and tar-free inhalation.

Take this data from Flowhub, for example. The seed-to-sale software company tracked a sample set of cannabis consumers on this holiday over the course of one year, and …

  • Saw 88% growth in concentrate sales when comparing 7/10/2016 against 7/10/2017 for the same sample set of customers. ($15,053.75 in 2016 and $121,802.14 in 2017).
  • In comparison to an average Monday, sales of concentrates increased 34% on Dabs Day 2017, and in comparison to an average Tuesday, sales of concentrates increased 26% on Dabs Day 2017.
  • The most popular type of concentrate is shatter (by a large margin), followed by wax, vape cartridges, live resin and infused flower.


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