The SmokeSmith Gear Guide to Winning Fourth of July

The SmokeSmith Gear Guide to Winning Fourth of July

It’s hard to believe but summer will soon be full swing and the Fourth of July is a mere two weeks away. But don’t worry—there’s still time to stock up on the best smoking gear to make Independence Day spectacular.

The Fourth of July is all about spending time with friends and family while you celebrate our nation’s freedom.  For most people this mean’s travelling, attending parties and being with friends in the great outdoors.  To make sure you travel in style and can take the party with you, our friends at the SmokeSmith Gear online headshop put together this guide to the best smoking gear for the first holiday weekend of the summer:


Best Vape for Watching Fireworks

A great portable herbal vaporizer is one of the most essential items in a smoker’s kit. Herbal vapes allow smokers of all levels to enjoy legal cannabis easily and discreetly. But, with so many different options for herbal vapes available, it can be a pain to sift through all of them and find the ones that are worthwhile. The key is finding a device that is efficient, portable, and long lasting.

The AirVape XS Special Edition will keep freedom ringing throughout all of your Independence Day celebrations. This portable herbal vape is one of the smallest available on the market right now, making it ideal for carrying out and about, no matter where the Fourth of July takes you.

AirVape does a great job of crafting small, sturdy devices, and the XS Special Edition is the pinnacle of their line. This little device is lightweight and compact with a enhanced heating chamber. AirVape took what was great about their original XS herbal vaporizer and expanded on it with the Special Edition. In fact, the casing of the device is even constructed out of 24 karat gold (and what is more American than gold!).

$300.00 Buy It Here


Perfect Pipe to Showcase Your Pride In America

Glass hand pipes may seem like they are being pushed out by herbal vapes, but there are still countless smokers that would rather hit a pipe than bother with electronics. Smoking out of a cool-looking glass pipe is something many legal cannabis users do not want to give up; it’s the American way!

Just like herbal vaporizers, the ideal glass pipe to get through this Independence Day is something small, sturdy, and, of course American made. Signature Glassworks’ Patriot Swirl glass hand pipe fits that description well, featuring a classic American color scheme and a compact size that makes it perfect to take to the beach, a camping trip or a family BBQ.

Signature Glassworks has been around for a while, making its name as a manufacturer committed to providing smokers with the best pipes, bongs, and bubblers possible. Based out of Santa Clarita, CA, they are dedicated to serving up quality glass that doesn’t break the bank and is completely American made. What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with a patriotic piece that will last as long as the Bill of Rights!

$55.00 Buy It Here


Best Bong for Stay at Home Minimalists

Not everyone wants go to the beach or to a big party. For the smoker who would rather celebrate Independence Day from the comfort of home, Summerland’s Land Yacht ceramic bong is a great option.

Summerland, a California based company, makes phenomenal water pipes that are built to last. They use ceramic to construct sturdy that look like something Frank Lloyd Wright would have designed. The Land Yacht bong is the perfect companion for the minimalist smoker celebrating home.

$240.00 Buy It Here


Best Items to be the MacGyver of your Independence Day Party

To be the hit of the party you need a full set of products.  But who wants to carry a bong, a grinder, filters, cones and cleaning tools?

Enter the Alpha Puff Kit from Alpha Cat, which includes a grinder, a water pipe, and multiple compartments that can store everything from rolling papers to dry herb. This igneous little kit even comes with a lighter! And it’s lightweight and portable, so it won’t slow you roll.

$60.00 Buy It Here


On the subject of utility kits, another essential product that will help your Independence Day go smoothly is the Ryot Utility Tool. Whether you need something to help you cut extracts, clean a water pipe or grind some legal dry herb, this hand multi-tool has everything you need (including bottle opener, in case you want to open a beer or something).

The Ryot Utility Tool takes up just as much space in your pocket as a traditional pocket knife, making it ideal for bringing along while you are out enjoying the Fourth of July.

$50.00 Buy It Here


Ultimate Case to Carry it All

Having the perfect legal cannabis tools is all well and good, but every 4th of July reveler needs a stylish kit to carry all his or her gear. Cannador, a West coast brand specializing in luxury humidors, has some phenomenal traveling cases that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and discreet looking.

The Ballistic Nylon Travel Case give you style and functionality. The inside is module and features a mesh net pocket and velcro straps that will hold a vape, a pipe and small bubbler. The bottom features an area to secure a grinder and two Miron jars (which come with the kit) for storing legal dry herd.  To keep it all safe it includes a TSA-regulation combination lock.

$155.00 Buy It Here


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