Green Dot Introduces Full Spectrum Vaporizer Pens

Green Dot Labs, a Boulder, Colo.-based cultivation and extraction brand, released the debut of its Black Label Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) Pen line.
“The Black Label FSE Pen reflects our passion for creating pure, distinctive expressions of the cannabis plant,” says Green Dot Labs founder Dave Malone. “We’re thrilled to offer patients and consumers of all experience levels the purity, flavor, and therapeutic benefits of our whole plant Black Label extracts anywhere, anytime.”
The cartridges are filled with .5 milliliters of pure essential plant extract, free of cutting agents, additives, and distillate. Grown and extracted at the company’s state-of-the-art cultivation and lab facilities, the butane-derived extracts feature the native cannabinoid and terpene ratios of dozens of exotic varietals from the company’s vast library of exclusive and proprietary Black Label genetics.
The vaporizer pen format invites consumers to experience Green Dot Labs’ most coveted varietals without the setup and effort that dabbing requires. The first release will feature the rare genetics and evocative flavor profiles that inspired Black Label live resin’s passionate following. Debut selections include proprietary GDL genetics like Infinity OG (Underdawg OG x I95) and Paradise Island (Grease Monkey x Strawberry Queen). The dozens of Black Label pen varietals feature distinctive terpene profiles that evoke everything from classic cocktails to ripe fruit to the unmistakable aroma of diesel fumes. Every cartridge comes with tasting notes from founder Dave Malone, a Black Label signature, that guide and enhance the experience.
Black Label FSE Pen cartridges and batteries are sold separately, making it convenient and cost-effective for consumers and patients to experience a wide range of Black Label genetics. Each hardware component was selected to provide the optimal consumer experience. The glass cartridge contains a ceramic heating element that tolerates higher temperatures and delivers purer flavor. The variable-temp battery, branded with the company’s signature drop, provides a customized balance of flavor and effect.
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