OLO Is The Next Generation of Edible Technology

A new California Brand is introducing the future of the edibles category with its line of proprietary and experiential sublingual strips launching across California. Set to redefine the cannabis marketplace with its game-changing technology, OLO provides consumers with a new luxury: full control. Scientifically developed to integrate easily into everyday lifestyle activities, OLO’s range of product experiences delivers a pure, clean, and pleasant high that empowers the consumer with a supreme sense of control and functionality.

Available in four distinct experiences: ActiveFocusSocial and Chill, OLO offers a reliable and discreet alternative to ingestible cannabis without the uncertainty of onset or inconvenience of accessories. Manufactured in the company’s licensed production facility in Richmond, CA, each OLO experience strip is infused with a proprietary blend of pure cannabis and terpene distillates that limits the traditional psychoactive effects associated with cannabis. This creates a sensory high that allows consumers the ability to move through their activities with incredible ease and high-definition style clarity. OLO can upgrade any daily activity, including fitness, work, a night out with friends, or a relaxing night in.

Each strip is available in 5mg and 10mg doses with effects delivered within 10 minutes, and lasting between three and five hours. All strips are low-calorie, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and infused with natural mint flavoring to mute cannabis aromas and taste. Each of OLO’s four experiences will be available in either 5mg 12-strip packs for $30 or 10mg 8-strip packs for $35. For those who want to explore the full range, the Quartet pack includes all four distinct OLO experiences and features strips in both 5mg or 10mg doses.

OLO is stocked in dispensaries across California. To learn more about OLO and its four experiences, please visit:www.getOLO.com, or follow them on Instagram at @getOLO.

Natasha Swords

Managing Editor

Natasha Swords has been a magazine publisher, editor and writer in the alcohol industry for over twenty years. Throughout her career, she has launched and published numerous magazine titles, and written thousands of articles read nationally and internationally. She is currently the publisher of CannEpoch Magazine, launched in February 2018.

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