Modern Medicinals Launches New CBD Oil for Pets

Modern Medicinals, a family-owned and operated CBD company in Portland, Oregon, has launched a new CBD oil made specifically for pets. This new product joins Modern Medicinals’ line of premium, medical-grade CBD oils for people and is intended as an alternative for treating ailments and to promote overall well-being.

The new pet CBD oil is made with only two ingredients: certified organic Oregon-grown CBD Flower and organic coconut oil. The oil contains 2 mg of CBD per 0.5 ml dose, with 0 mg of THC. Pet owners can apply the oil topically for localized effects or orally for whole-body results.

Modern Medicinals, founded by Jeff Hilber in 2014, was built on the belief that everyone deserves to feel their best. After 40 years in the woodworking industry, and upon developing serious arthritis, Hilber started to experiment with making cannabis extracts when ibuprofen no longer relieved his aches and pains. With positive results time after time, he began making CBD oil for his close friends and later launched Modern Medicinals to share his pure CBD oil with a wider audience.

“The formulation and potency of this new pet CBD oil are better-suited for dogs and cats,” said Jeff Hilber of Modern Medicinals. “We’ve been using this CBD oil on our own older pets for a few years now and have been pleasantly surprised by how many people ask for a pet-specific product,” he continued. “We thought it was time to release a new, dedicated product for this beloved group.”

Modern Medicinals’ CBD products for people and their pets are made using the highest quality Oregon CBD Flower, a plant genetically similar to those often marketed as being high-CBD. Containing less than three percent THC in the field, CBD Flower is classified as an agricultural product, with products derived from it being legal to ship to almost every state nationwide.

Rather than using the stalks or seeds of the plant for extraction, Modern Medicinals uses the flower only, which contains more than 90 percent of the CBD available on the plant at the time of harvest. By using the flower only, Modern Medicinals’ two products — one for humans and one for pets — contain complimentary cannabinoids and terpenes that enhance the effects of the CBD.

To produce Modern Medicinals oils, the Oregon CBD Flower is put through an all-natural extraction process without the use of alcohol, solvents, or carbon dioxide, producing the highest caliber of bioavailable CBD oil. Because the CBD is 100 percent bioavailable, it is absorbed quickly and is immediately usable by the body, with an activation time of approximately five minutes. Each bottle of Modern Medicinals CBD is made, bottled and labeled in Portland, Oregon and lab-tested for both purity and potency.

“There is a lack of oversight in the CBD industry that makes it hard to know if what you’re buying is what you’re getting,” said Matthew Hilber, who assists his father with the day-to-day operations and production of the CBD oils. “Modern Medicinals is offering the promise of purity and authenticity for people and their pets.”

CBD is the non-psychoactive, non-addictive chemical compound in cannabis, usually associated with feelings of relaxation without intoxication. The popularity of CBD products in a variety of consumable forms, including energy drinks, beer, coffee, and oils, is growing at an incredible rate. As the market grows, the positive effects of CBD are increasingly attracting attention, not only for humans but for their pets as well.

For topical use, the CBD oil for pets can be applied where needed. If giving orally, the recommended dosage is 0.5 ml, which contains 2 mg of CBD. Each bottle contains one fluid ounce, with 125 mg of CBD per bottle, or a little more than 60 servings total. The dropper is graduated for ease of dosing.

Modern Medicinals’ CBD oil is available for purchase online at, with a retail price of $45 per bottle for the pet CBD. Shipping is available to 46 U.S. states. The oils are also available for purchase at select spas and wellness centers in the Portland and Salem, Oregon areas.

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