New CBD-Infused Dissolvable Tablets

Aceso Wellness is expanding its line-up of hemp-infused wellness products, with a line of dissolvable drink tablets. The products include cannabidiol (CBD) as well as other natural ingredients to promote specific health and wellness benefits.

“Aceso already offers hemp-infused drink mix on the market, and now our customers will have the choice of consumption in dissolvable tablets,” said Kurt Forstmann, General Manager, Aceso. “One of our roles as innovators in this space is to educate consumers about the restorative powers of hemp and other plants. We believe our CBD products can help bring people’s systems back into balance, and we are looking forward to bringing even more exciting new formulations to market this year.

The new Fizz tablets dissolve quickly in a glass of water, adding effervescence and flavor. Available in compact and discrete single-dose formats, the tablets will be offered in three varieties:

  • Calm Fizz Tabs combine the calming properties of lavender, grapefruit and passionflower extracts with full-spectrum hemp oil to help people de-stress.
  • Soothe Fizz Tabs mix turmeric and bromelain with full-spectrum hemp oil to help ease everyday aches and pains and reduce soreness from your latest workout.
  • Wellness Fizz Tabs are a blend of vitamins, full-spectrum hemp oil, and capsaicin to promote energy, wellness and mood stability.

The dissolvable tablets will be available for purchase in early April at, and are the first of several CBD-infused product innovations Aceso is planning this year. The innovation pipeline includes a transdermal patch and an energy product for serious athletes. All products are based on natural ingredients that pair plant science with food science to create healthy, highly targeted formulations.

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