Women Grow As Key Demographic In Cannabis Retail

Women continue to grow as the sought-after demographic of cannabis product.  48North, a vertically integrated cannabis company focused on the health and wellness market and the creation of innovative, authentic brands for next-generation cannabis products, today released The Next Report.

It forecast that women are the key drivers of the lifestyle market and implied that they will also represent strong growth in the cannabis category.

On Trend: Women

Watch for the cannabis plant to shed its stigma; as a result, expect women to be increasingly proud of their cannabis use. High-quality cannabis starts with healthy, well-maintained mother plants. The female nature of cannabis as we know it translates directly to the experience of all cannabis consumers. To that end, 48North looks forward to bringing Colorado-based licensed brand Mother + Clone to market in Canada in 2019.

On Trend: Sun-Grown Organic Cannabis

Cannabis plants are moving back outdoors; sun-grown organic cannabis is perfect for eco-conscious and wellness-minded consumers. The ability to manipulate an environment to achieve higher yields or more robust plant health is both an art and science. Sun-grown cannabis is an opportunity to connect licensed producers with agricultural communities in a grassroots way and partner with Mother Nature herself.
48North’s sun-grown organic cannabis will provide a significant first-mover advantage in the production of low-cost, next-generation, extract-based cannabis products.

On Trend: Out of the Closet

In 2019, we will see high-inspired, cutting-edge cannabis accessories we can feel proud to display. 48North recently launched F8, a line of purposeful, versatile and beautiful accessories that bring cannabis accouterments out of hiding and into highly designed spaces.

The Next Report, which also looks at trends in Design, Heath, Food & Drink can be found at www.headwellnorth.com.

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