Growing Cannabis Just Got Fashionable

For legal markets that allow homegrown cannabis, The Cabinet by Leaf + Wood is the
first all-in-one grow cabinet built for display in a modern home: perfect for any
horticulturist or enthusiast seeking a sustainable, easy to use, growing environment
for a wide range of plants. Created by woodworker, Robert Pettit in his Boerum Hill,
Brooklyn woodshop, the unique all-in-one horticultural cabinet marries smart
craftsman design with unique finishes and the warmth of real wood, suitable to any
home decor.

The cabinet comes in various custom finishes, including Walnut, Maple or Cherry
and features Cast Iron finishes and a highly curated group of components. Robert
spent months of research and testing to find the most scalable, reliable and state of
the art technology built to last. Included in the turn-key set up is a powerful, energy
efficient Vortex Fan, best-in-class carbon filters which scour the air to make it clean
of dust and odor free, and full spectrum Horticulture Lighting Group LED Light
Quantum Boards with the highest flux and lowest voltage bin for an unbeatable,
energy efficient performance.

“I wanted to create a horticulture cabinet that was built to last, but which was
scalable for each customer’s use. I scoured resources online and got deep into Reddit
communities to find components that provide the best spectrum and ease of use that anyone can manage.”

“There are a lot of cheap grow set-ups and I wanted to ensure that this cabinet not
only worked efficiently, but aesthetically, I also wanted to elevate the home grow
experience. Combining my personal fascination with horticulture, Hemp and
Cannabis, I saw a need in legal markets to elevate the at-home grow experience
beyond tents and closets.”

“To me, whatever you choose to grow should be something you take pride in, and
should work seamlessly with your lifestyle and offer a sense of pride.”
Designed for the ultimate home horticulture enthusiast, any plants or flowers can be grown
inside, The Cabinet is positioned for the true cannaseur seeking an elegant and
a seamless solution that provides hours of enjoyment and learning. Included in the
customized set up is a Grow Journal along with a guide for growing based upon
experience and trusted resources.

Price begins at $15,000 and includes delivery and custom installation across the US
and Canada and can be ordered at

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