Women In STEM And Pioneering Cutting-Edge Cannabis Research

By Dr. Halleli Sharir

The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. According to the senior economist and vice president at analytics firm New Frontier Data Beau Whitney, it will be a 16 billion dollar industry in 2019. With the cannabis industry rapidly gaining support around the globe, there is an enormous opportunity in this space and women must seize it. There are some exceptional women blazing the path in this industry, reminding us that once again that women can lead the way. This is our chance to be at the forefront of the future and with mentorship, strategic decisions, and purpose, nothing can stop us.



The right mentorship is vital to nourish you as both a professional and a person. Your mentor can directly determine your career path and thought process. So while we should readily seek out any opportunity to connect and learn from our peers, it’s important to remember quality over quantity in this area. However, many women are faced with a challenge to even find a mentor in this arena, due to the lack of women in STEM. This alone should ignite our desire to find our way into the field so we can provide strong female leadership for the next generation.

Mentorship can help to reveal hidden skills and interests, explore unfamiliar territory and present exciting opportunities that you may not have considered. What is equally important, is that you rely upon your own judgment and always follow your heart. Be consistent and never give up until you get to where you want to go.


Set yourself up for success

Working with people who are able to see your talent and potential is crucial to your growth within the company and your future trajectory. It is important to research your next step before diving in.  I chose to join Cannabics Pharmaceuticals to surround myself with a brilliant team, state-of-the-art screening facility and exposure to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) which the company is using to create cannabinoid-based therapies for cancer. The result of these choices gave me the opportunity and honor to be promoted to Head of Research in 2018.


Find your purpose and you’ll find your passion

In a field that can easily result in burnout, it’s important to find your purpose so that you continue to be fueled by passion. For me, the research taking place at Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is incredibly exciting because it is ultimately positioning cannabis as the future of cancer therapy. Not only that, but I have the opportunity to create tools that will determine treatment on a personalized basis- meaning finding the best combination of cannabis to fight the type of cancer each person has, in a way that will be most effective for them! This will potentially revolutionize cancer treatment by offering patients customized treatments that will guarantee the best possible outcome- and it keeps me coming to work every single day excited and energized.


Keep dreaming and you’ll wake up where you want to be

Ultimately, we are here to do good in the world. That means following your dreams and fulfilling your destiny. You have something that no one else has. It is your duty to share your incredible gifts and ideas. Don’t let fear stop you. Take risks. Be an inspiration to each other. Redefine girl power. Above all, know your value and your worth, and never settle for less than you deserve.

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