Here’s How To Manage Your High

420 AntiDōs helps curb the high from marijuana and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)-infused products.

Made with a blend of CBD, Valerian Root and Vitamin B12, 420 AntiDōs helps realign the body and mind within minutes of consumption. The natural energy boost from Vitamin B12, coupled with the anxiety-reducing tendencies of Valerian Root and CBD, empowers you to control your high.

In addition to CBD, each serving of 420 AntiDōs contains other vitamins and natural ingredients that, when combined, provide fast-acting relief from symptoms such as anxiety, lethargy and mental discomfort. 420 AntiDōs will be available to purchase on the company’s e-commerce site, and in select retail stores across the country.

“We believe in the safe and responsible use of cannabis for its medical benefits, as well as its abundant health and wellness properties,” said Steven L. Trenk, Founder and CEO, Tech-Holdings. “However, the nature of the plant makes the duration of its effects unpredictable. 420 AntiDōs empowers the consumer to end their experience at will and at their own convenience. Everyone who consumes cannabis, for any reason, should have 420 AntiDōs on hand.”

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