This Mother Runs New York’s Only All-Female Owned Dispensary

Anne (right), Hillary and Keeley Peckham own and operate their dispensary in New York City, the only family-owned, all women medical marijuana dispensary in the state. They also have a farm in Westchester where they grow marijuana and distribute to legal states.

Etain Health is truly a family affair, with these women doing everything from harvesting to lobbying in Albany, to supplying high-quality medical marijuana to those in need.

Anne Peckham has a long background in corporate administration and management from more than three decades working as an advisor with Peckham Family Holdings, Inc., a family-owned, New York State construction materials company.

Etain’s Manhattan location in New York.

When her daughter, Hillary, had complications following a hip surgery which left her in severe pain and unable to walk, Anne felt compelled to find a way to help her. Then Anne’s mother, Frances Keeffe, began to suffer from symptoms from ALS which might have been treatable with cannabis, had it been legal at the time. At that point, Anne knew she was on a  mission to find a way to help other people in similar situations, and the vision of Etain became clear.

The New York State Medical Cannabis program currently has about 99,000 patients registered in it, of which Etain sees thousands. It operates four dispensaries throughout the state in Syracuse, Kingston, Yonkers, and Manhattan.

“In New York, there are many restrictions and regulations on the types of products that can be produced for this program,” Anne told CannEpoch. “However, Etain has successfully been able to offer its patients the widest variety of different dosage forms. We currently offer only oil-based options to patients, which include: capsules, tinctures, lozenges, water-soluble powder, vaporizers, a peppermint spray, and starting this week we have released a topical lotion.”

Etain, Kingston, New York.

Etain’s customers are patients who either temporarily live in New York State or are permanent residents. They need to register with a physician who is in the medical marijuana program. A list of those physicians can be found here.

Once the patient is certified they can apply with New York State for a medical marijuana card and come to an Etain dispensary. The steps of this process can be found here.

Etain produces everything it sells. “We are able to guarantee quality, consistency, and purity of our products,” Anne assures. “We try to be very ingredient-conscious regarding any additives in our products and try to make sure that there are no unnecessary fillers or harmful carrying agents. By producing all of our products it gives us more ability to train our staff on the production and effort that goes into each product which helps when interacting with customers, as many are trying cannabis for the first time and have a lot of questions.”

Etain often offers holiday discounts and other promotions, but their best deal appears to be for loyal patients. If they use the online ordering system, they are able to collect loyalty points that can be applied towards every purchase.

Etain, Syracuse, New York.

On the reality of working with your kids, Anne says “I love it. We have our moments, both good and bad, but at the end of the day, we are family. We can fight, sometimes badly, but we care about each other deeply and we all know that we share the same goals for Etain.”

Amy Peckham, C.E.O: Amy has a long background in corporate administration and management from more than three decades working as an advisor with Peckham Family Holdings, Inc. (a family-owned, New York State construction materials company).

Keeley Peckham, C.C.O: Keeley is a graduate of Tulane University and has formal business training through Tulane’s A.B. Freeman School of Business. Keeley also holds certification as a Horticultural Therapist through the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG). Her botanical experience has helped Etain secure critical connections with Charles M. Yurgalevitch, Ph.D. (Director of the School of Professional Horticulture, and the Horticulture Program Coordinator in Adult Education at NYBG), and field experts in hydroponic systems and growth from the medical marijuana industry.

Etain, Yonkers, New York.

Hillary Peckham, CO.O: Hillary is a graduate of Hamilton College and a business certificate from the Dartmouth Tuck-Bridge School of Business. Hillary’s passion for the medical cannabis industry comes from her own experience with chronic pain and muscular atrophy. After a failed hip surgery, Hillary spent two years unable to walk and suffers from permanent atrophy. Hillary has a strong interest in alternative therapies that provide palliative care for those enduring long-term suffering.

“…Etain has successfully been able to offer its patients the widest variety of different dosage forms.”

— Anne Peckham, C.E.O. at Etain.

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