Vape Pen Brand, Kurvana, Gets Refresh

Kurvana, a vape pen category leader and cannabis lifestyle brand, announces a major brand refresh with the addition of key innovations to its existing portfolio of best-in-class products. Currently ranked as the leading premium vape pen brand and third cannabis brand in revenue overall in California, Kurvana is best known for pioneering the development of uncompromising products that set the highest standard for quality and innovation in the cannabis industry.

With new product releases hitting the market throughout May 2019, the portfolio expansion will feature an all-natural CBD vape line for the ultimate wellness benefits and everyday use, the release of four new strains to the flagship ASCND line of high-potency vapes, disposables available in a selection of Kurvana’s top-selling strains, and custom hardware designed to outperform the previous generation.

“We are thrilled to unveil our largest product release to date,” said Mehran Moghaddam, Founder and CEO of Kurvana, in a statement. “Since its inception, Kurvana has been known for pushing the limits of quality and innovation in the vape pen category. With our latest release, we have reimagined our entire collection, delivering an expanded portfolio of products that deliver an optimized cannabis experience to a range of consumers.”

The debut of Kurvana’s highly-anticipated CBD line meets the rapidly growing demand for pure, high-quality CBD products. Available in three distinct blends, Kurvana’s CBD oil is extracted from raw flower grown using organic farming methods in Central Coast California. Unlike many products, Kurvana uses only full-spectrum CBD derived from cannabis to appeal to discerning wellness consumers. The products have been specifically created without any isolate or additives like fractionated coconut oil (MCT), glycol cutting agents, or artificial flavors. Available blends include Eucalyptus Mint, Lemongrass, and Cranberry Orange; MSRP $35 – $60.

Kurvana’s award-winning, flagship ASCND line offers the highest levels of cannabinoids on the market, making it a cult-favorite among budtenders and experienced cannabis users. Kurvana is releasing four additional strains to ASCND: Jet Fuel, Cactus Cooler, Mimosa, and High Fashion; MSRP $40 – $70.

The newest suite of custom-designed hardware outperforms the existing product line with updated technology. The hardware features new custom mouthpieces, premium quartz glass tanks, stainless steel internals, and updated CTEC heating elements. Both buttonless and variable voltage button batteries are available and fully compatible with any Kurvana cartridge; MSRP $16 – $18. Kurvana is also debuting its first line of disposable vape pens, offering 0.5g of premium cannabis oil in a single-use device. All three lines will be available in disposable form, launching with the top five selling strains; MSRP $33 – $44.

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