How To Apply Releaf, The Simplest Way Possible

The Leaf El Paseo is an elevated dispensary in the heart of Palm Desert, California. Catering to both the fully initiated and the newly curious, it offers a carefully curated selection of cannabis products designed to fit various lifestyles in the surrounding area.

Chansce Pittard is the Store Manager there, and has worked professionally in the cannabis industry for six years. Having graduated from the University of New Mexico in Mechanical Engineering, Chansce has a predilection for the facts. He researches the terpene profiles of the brands he recommends, and builds opinion based on the feedback he receives from customers first-hand.

A favorite recommendation of Chansce’s is Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Patches. These slow-release patches stick to skin, offering pain relief through transdermal delivery of full-spectrum cannabinoids. “My customers like these because they’re non-invasive, non-greasy and highly effective for arthritis,” he says. “Their effects are long-lasting, about 12 hours, and they’re discreet. A customer might opt for this over a tincture because they don’t have to remember to take it again during the day. It’s one less thing you need to think about.”

Recommended Application Areas: Inside of wrists; inside/outside of biceps; shoulders; back of neck; back; inside of ankle.

“Our customers always repeat their purchases of Papa & Barkley. The brand loyalty is outstanding. What does that tell you?”

— Chansce Pittard, Store Manager, The Leaf El Paseo.

Much of The Leaf El Paseo’s customer base comprises retired, active people who like to enjoy a long day of golf or other recreational activities that cause them inflammation. With a quick and easy single application, up to 12 hours of relief is provided for your whole body. 

Importantly, Chansce is also a stickler for process. “I trust Papa & Barkley’s products because they aren’t made from solvents, they don’t use distillates, and they do use the whole plant in their production.

“They make healthy products, and they’re doing it right. That’s why it’s a top recommendation of mine. Our customers always repeat their purchases of Papa & Barkley. The brand loyalty is outstanding. What does that tell you?”

Natasha Swords

Managing Editor

Natasha Swords has been a magazine publisher, editor and writer in the alcohol industry for over twenty years. Throughout her career, she has launched and published numerous magazine titles, and written thousands of articles read nationally and internationally. She is currently the publisher of CannEpoch Magazine, launched in February 2018.

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