Meet June

In the crowded CBD marketplace june sets itself apart with a line of skincare and wellness products that are unadulterated, organic and/or sustainability grown and extracted. Using only full spectrum hemp oil all june products including Facial Oil, Body Oil, Grooming Oil, Edible Drops and a Body & Recovery Oil are produced in small batches to ensure quality and intended results.

The skin serum, comprises all-natural ingredients, is made to be gentle and adaptive to all skin types. Inside the bottle (available in 30ml and 7ml sizes) is camellia japonica seed oil that is sourced from Toshima Island off the coast of Tokyo. The oil is harvested in the wild and extracted using traditional Japanese cold press methods. The camellia japonica oil and CBD are a match made in heaven – the CBD uses the carrier oil properties of the camellia to work below the skin’s surface to encourage new collagen and cell production.

Established in 2018 by Sylvia Wehrle, a creative director who named the company after her grandmother Betty June, Sylvia fell in love with the benefits of CBD and set out to find an opportunity to share it in a meaningful way.  That means only wildcrafted and organic ingredients are found within june’s product line including Calendula, almond, carrot seed, arnica, macadamia nut, evening primrose and rosehip.

Purchase here  $25 – $80.

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