Chicago Entrepreneurs Launch Half Day CBD

Chicago entrepreneurs Dave DiCosola and Kameron Norwood have launched Half Day CBD, a thoughtfully curated brand of organic hemp-derived products designed to help manage pain, anxiety, stress and sleep issues. In an industry where white labeling is extremely common, Half Day co-founders are involved in every aspect of the production process from cultivation and extraction to flavoring and bottling to testing and sales. Additionally, as they conceptualize products, they consider input gathered directly from healthcare professionals and consumers.

The brand’s complete line of full spectrum hemp oils, gummies and salves are available at and in select locations, including physicians’ and physical therapists’ offices and CBD shops. 

“With the enactment of the Farm Bill of 2018, which declassified hemp as a controlled substance, we recognized an incredible business opportunity that also would help people achieve optimal health. For us, that’s a win-win,” said Dave DiCosola, CEO of Half Day CBD. “However, as curiosity and interest continue to soar, we hear from consumers and healthcare professionals they are confused by various factors, from formulations and dosage options to finding the right products for their particular symptoms and how to determine if a product is safe and effective. These are real concerns, and we’re committed to helping clear this confusion.”

From seed-to-sale, complete information, including plant origin, processing method, bottling information and more, is available on the brand’s website. DiCosola and Norwood source their hemp from farmers in Kentucky and manufacture the products in Chicago. All products are rigorously tested by an independent laboratory to ensure consistency, potency and safety.

“We have immersed ourselves in the cannabis industry, investing time and resources into learning how to produce superior products and provide top notch customer service,” said Kameron Norwood. “Too many companies are entering this market without being fully prepared, and, as a result, we feel the industry and the customer suffer.”

Since launching earlier this year, the founders have established a presence at dozens of Chicago area festivals, discussing CBD benefits one-on-one with customers and selling Half Day products. Through the Half Day Physicians Program, they are educating healthcare professionals about CBD and its role in managing a range of ailments. Also, Half Day became the first CBD company to advertise on Chicago Transit Authority trains and busses when its ads debuted in April of 2019.

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