Henry’s Original, And Omura, Partner To Perfect Whole Flower Experience

Mendocino County craft cannabis brand Henry’s Original has announced its collaboration with Omura, a new technology and design brand, founded on the goal of perfecting the whole flower cannabis experience. As a new flower partner, Henry’s will provide four sun-grown strains for Omura’s Series 1 Vaporizer; Sour Amnesia (Sativa), Blueberry Cookies (Hybrid), Mendocino Nights (Indica) and Ritual (CBD). 

“Omura is one of the most exciting and effective systems we’ve encountered for delivering and enjoying the many benefits of cannabis,” said Henry’s Original CEO and co-founder Jamie Warm.

“Through our dedication to handcrafting the finest, heirloom cannabis, Henry’s Original shares Omura’s mission to deliver a premium product and experience and we are proud to partner with such an innovative and like-minded brand.”

“From our partner growers to our system, Omura considers environmental impact in all brand decisions,” said BJ Carretta, Omura Head of Marketing. “To this end, Henry’s dedication to smart sustainability, Clean Green-certified cannabis, and support of local California farming communities makes the brand an extremely synergistic flower partner for Omura.”

Omura was founded with the goal of perfecting the way people consume whole flower cannabis. Using next generation heat-not-burn technology, Omura is elevating the cannabis experience by combining the discretion and convenience of vape pens with whole flower benefits. The flower cartridges allow for unprocessed whole flower consumption with no burning and no ash, as well as no grinding, cleaning or mess and minimal environmental impact. 

Omura has created a system that eliminates the risk of over-consumption, ensuring a safe and controlled cannabis experience every time. The biodegradable and compostable flower cartridges pair exclusively with the Series 1 Vaporizer and come pre-filled with 0.125 grams of Henry’s Original flower per cartridge, delivering approximately 10-12 doses to be enjoyed over a 3-minute session. Omura’s debut Series 1 Vaporizer and Henry’s Original whole flower cartridges are available now for purchase in California. 



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