Fruit Slabs Introduces First-Ever Kosher Edible

Fruit Slabs, makers of organic, vegan, cannabis-infused fruit strip edible, announced today the kosher certification of flavors Pride Passion and Tropical Haze. Fruit Slabs’ additional flavors, Grape Ape, Mango Maui Wowie and OG Mango will be certified kosher and available throughout participating California dispensaries before the end of 2019. All kosher Fruit Slabs packaging feature the certified kosher seal. 

Jewish dietary laws restrict members of the faith from ingesting non-kosher cannabis edibles. Recognizing an absence of certified kosher cannabis edibles, Fruit Slabs’ CEO Roxanne Dennant sought kosher certification with the intention of introducing edibles to a previously marginalized community in the cannabis space.  

“Becoming kosher was really important for me both personally and professionally,” said Fruit Slabs’ CEO, Roxanne Dennant. “I have many friends who keep kosher and are unable to ingest edibles, including Fruit Slabs. Being Jewish, it’s important to me to make a product that’s fully inclusive, especially in my own community.”

With this in mind, Dennant began the kosher certification process. Like any other kosher product, Fruit Slabs ensures every ingredient, food process, equipment and machinery have met all kosher standards. Being one of the first kosher edibles on the market is a source of pride for Dennant. Unlike pre-rolls or vapes, ingestible cannabis offers a method of consumption previously unavailable to observant Jewish people. Providing options for those in the community who choose not to smoke is at the core of Dennant’s mission. 

“Whether you keep kosher year round or only during the high holidays, Fruit Slabs provides an option that previously didn’t exist,” said Dennant. “Life is all about choice and giving people freedom of choice is one of the greatest things I can do as a business owner and person,” said Dennant.  

Full size 100mg Fruit Slabs retail for $20 and Pride Passion mini 10mg Fruit Slabs retail for $5. Kosher Fruit Slabs are available at the following California dispensaries: Exhalence in Sun Valley, Mankind Cooperative in San Diego, The Lift in Long Beach, Rose Collective in Venice and MMD in Marina del Rey. If you would like to speak with a company principal or request samples, please contact Marylyn Simpson at [email protected].

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