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Barrett Thayer is the Education Program Manager at Buds and Roses, located on Ventura Boulevard, in Studio City, in L.A., California. His career in the cannabis industry, began in 2014. “At the time, I was working at a bakery across the street from a dispensary in the Castro District of San Francisco,” he told CannEpoch Magazine. “When my shift was over, I would stop by the shop to pick up my medicine and I’d bring in leftover pastries for the budtenders. After getting to know a few of the employees over the course of my tenure there, I became fascinated by the industry, especially when it came to education.” 

One day, Barrett took the plunge and decided to apply. He was hired two days later, and immediately began training under the store’s Head of Education, a colon cancer survivor, and started teaching classes within six months.

One thing Barrett has come to expect from the cannabis space is “constant change”. The optimist in him hopes that, with even more knowledge about novel cannabinoids and terpenes, we’ll witness the evolution of even more curated experiences for customers with a focus on whole-plant, full-spectrum products, as opposed to a focus only on high-potency THC.

P&B Tinctures also fill a role as one of the few full spectrum products in an industry inundated with distillate.”

Barrett Thayer, Education Program Manager at Buds and Roses, Studio City, California.

He identifies a distinct need for medical grade products in the industry as about 90% of his customers are trying to treat some form of ailment. At Buds and Roses, the purely recreational customer is pretty rare. “The cannabis industry only exists today because of advocacy for HIV patients who were dying. Cannabis was the only thing that was helping them with pain and appetite. We cannot as an industry forget where we come from. That’s why it’s vital to have readily available full-plant, full-spectrum products on all dispensary shelves,” he stated.

The most rewarding part of the job for Barrett is seeing the look on people’s faces when they finally feel like they’ve found the answer to a problem that traditional medicine could not provide, especially those suffering with chronic pain. 

“Our customers tend to be older, more medically focused,” he said. They come to our store because they know they can trust the information with which we provide them. We also tend to attract the cannabis connoisseurs as they know that we meticulously choose the highest quality products the industry has available”. 

Buds and Roses’ buyer, JP Noda is passionate about the cannabis industry too. Always on the prowl for products that fill holes in the market, like those containing Acidic Cannabinoids (THC-A, CBD-A), he strives to stock brands that cover a range of requirements. 

Papa & Barkley Releaf 1:1 CBD:THC-A Tincture

This gels well with Barrett’s goals and both minds meet on Papa & Barkley’s line. “Personally, I use almost the entirety of the Papa & Barkley line,” said Barrett. “I use the 1:1 CBD:THC-A Tincture for symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I use its 1:3 CBD:THC Balm for muscle cramps in my feet. I use the Bath Soak for muscle soreness after working out. And, when I travel I tend to use the THC Capsules for ease-of-use. I love that they have a product for almost every need.” 

Papa & Barkley Releaf 1:3 CBD:THC Balm

A big hit with customers are the Papa & Barkley Whole Plant Tinctures and they represent the store’s most recommended product, especially for customers who suffer from pain, cancer side-effects, and gastrointestinal disorders. “Since P&B is a full spectrum product, it tends to be the most effective in treating these issues as the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes are present.” Barret enthused.

Papa & Barkley Releaf Portfolio

“Furthermore, due to P&B’s high concentration, most customers are able to use less oil to achieve the relief they’re seeking. This is important because some people are sensitive to oil and taking one or two droppers full of oil can upset their stomach. Most customers only have to use one half of a dropper of P&B tinctures. ”

He concluded that, “P&B Tinctures also fill a role as one of the few full spectrum products in an industry inundated with distillate. This makes it a niche brand that does very well on our shelves, one of our top selling products.”

This fast-acting concentrated liquid offers strong relief from pain and inflammation. Its effects are felt throughout the entire body within fifteen minutes, and dosage can be customized based on personal preference to last over three hours. Add it as an earthy, rich ingredient in craft mocktails and smoothies or drop it sublingually underneath the tongue. The tincture stands out because it’s made with MCT oil, which helps your body metabolize the cannabinoids quicker—those in-the-know call it bioavailability.
Available in 15 ML and 30 ML.

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