5 Consumer Safety Guidelines For Vaping

As a result of hundreds of lung disease cases linked to e-cigarettes and vaping, Integrated Healthcare Solutions Inc. (IHS), a leading innovator in cannabidiol (CBD) products, has released new guidelines to help consumers choose safe, legal and effective CBD vaporizers.

According to Dorian Knape, CEO of woman-owned IHS, many of the cases stem from products that contain THC, nicotine and vitamin E acetate as well as impurities, so consumers should do their research before vaping.

“While vaping options are vast, not all cartridges are alike,” said Knape. “Consumers can take a few simple steps to make an informed buying decision. That’s why we’ve put together five general safety guidelines to help consumers find quality vaporizers and make sure they get the outcome they expect.”

1) Choose a Vaporizer Instead of an E-cigarette – Vaporizing is different from an e-cigarette and does not draw carcinogens into the body. Many e-cigarettes contain propylene glycol (PEG) and nicotine-flavored juices, which can be harmful, whereas Urban Bio vaporizers blend naturally derived floral terpene profiles with CBD.

2) Check the Certificate of Analysis (COA) – Consumers should be wary of products that lack a COA, which involves testing by an independent lab for THC, heavy metals, microbials, pesticides and other concentrates. Most reputable CBD manufacturers will feature a QR code on their product labels, which enables consumers to access the COA by lot number. The COA should note THC levels or ensure that contents are THC-free. Consumers should also make sure the COA indicates the product does not contain vitamin E acetate, solvents, microbes, pesticides and heavy metals. These additives can affect the body’s cells, causing inflammation of the lungs.

3) Investigate Cartridge Content and Brand Legitimacy – Avoid low-grade ingredients such as polypropylenes (PG) and PEG, vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine and psychosomatic substances such as THC. Choose an established company and brand with address, web site and phone number clearly on product packaging.

4) Know Your Source – Don’t buy from street vendors or sources that can’t produce product documentation such as lot or batch numbers and current COAs, which indicate a track and trace process. Before choosing a vendor, consult your healthcare provider to determine safety.

5) Investigate the Power of Terpenes – Terpenes are natural aromatic compounds that produce a spectrum of scent associated with foods, perfumes, etc. Different strains of terpenes carry different therapeutic benefits. Established companies will clearly state the terpene profiles within their vape cartridges. This broadens the choice of effect sought by consumers and eliminates the need for nicotine and THC.

“At IHS, we’ve taken extensive steps to provide consumers with exceptionally pure vaporizers that are free of THC, nicotine, vitamin E acetate, heavy metals, microbes and other contaminants – and we back that up with third-party lab testing as demonstrated by our COAs,” said Knape. “Consumers can be confident when they vaporize with our Urban Bio Pure Inhalation Cannabidiol (PIC) Cartridges.”

Sourced from hemp extract, Urban Bio PIC Cartridges are high in antioxidants and available in nine organic terpene profiles. Each 400 MG, one-gram cartridge features a 510-threaded connection for universal compatibility. In addition to PIC Cartridges, the Urban Bio product line includes transdermal relief creams, rejuvenation skin creams, gummies, and water-soluble Oral Drops as well as Pure Nano Drops.

Integrated Healthcare Solutions Inc. is a woman-owned enterprise and leverages the collective talents of more than 130 employees to help people stay active and live pain free. The company has a 30-year track record in healthcare through its affiliates, including medical devices by VQ OrthoCare, exercise and rehabilitation by VQ ActionCare and certified-organic nutrition by Pucker Urban Farms. Today, IHS boasts the power of its proprietary nano-amplified CBD as a path to maintaining wellness, supported by a rigid quality assurance program and an insistence on product purity. The company markets its growing portfolio of CBD products and services directly to consumers, through premier retail and wholesale channels, and through established medical professionals.

For more information, visit http://www.ihsinc.com or call 949-794-3400.

Image by Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash.

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