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Integrated Healthcare Solutions Inc. (IHS), has launched Urban Bio Pure Nano Drops, a highly concentrated formulation of nano-amplified hemp extract to aid in relaxation.

The Irvine-based company premiered Urban Bio Pure Nano Drops at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition in Los Angeles.

Urban Bio Pure Nano Drops is a water-based concentrated additive that is 100% THC free and non-psychoactive. Developed using the company’s proprietary nano-amplified CBD technology, which fractures CBD into particles as small as 36 nanometers, the highly concentrated formulation results in greater bioavailability for faster effect at a lower dosage.

“Unlike oil-based CBD products on the market, Urban Bio Pure Nano Drops are water-based, which means healthcare consumers will benefit from higher absorption with less risk of digestion issues,” said Dorian Knape, CEO of IHS, a woman-owned venture with a 30-year track record of healthcare innovation through its affiliate companies. “Because the body is comprised of about 60 percent water, the use of water molecules in the formulation process results in more efficient infusion. Just add half a milliliter to a favorite four-ounce beverage and that’s all it takes to unlock the power of each nano particle with no bitter taste.”

Urban Bio Pure Nano Drops are odorless and alcohol-free, and are backed by extensive third-party lab testing throughout all major stages of production including harvest, CBD extraction, nano emulsification and formulation.

Urban Bio Pure Nano Drops are equivalent to 1875 mg (125 mg/mL) and packaged in a 15 mL bottle with a graduated dropper for accurate measuring.

Urban Bio nano-amplified, THC-free CBD products are safe and non-psychoactive. Since the drops are free of THC, use of the product will not register on a drug screen. 

Comprised of legal cannabis compounds known for their role in facilitating wellness, the complete line of Urban Bio nano-amplified CBD products include transdermal creams with cooling menthol, rejuvenating skin cream with arnica, water-based drops and concentrates, and gummies.

“Nano-amplified CBD has remarkable absorption characteristics that are redefining the healthcare landscape,” Knape said. “Our product line leverages its fast-acting robust bioavailability, which exceeds the capabilities of conventional CBD products.”

The company also offers a complete line of Pure Inhalation Cannabidiol (PIC) Cartridges without either THC or nicotine and are free of carcinogens.

In addition to its nano-amplified CBD technology, IHS guarantees its formulations are completely free of THC using crops harvested from a licensed USA farm that utilizes advanced seed selection and harvesting processes. The company’s complete chain of custody protocols ensures exceptional product purity and packaging conducted in a Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) facility.

Urban Bio CBD products are available for purchase online and through specialty retailers.

Integrated Healthcare Solutions Inc. is a woman-owned enterprise and leverages the collective talents of more than 130 employees to help people stay active and live pain free. The company has a 30-year track record in healthcare through its affiliates, including medical devices by VQ OrthoCare, exercise and rehabilitation by VQ ActionCare and certified-organic nutrition by Pucker Urban Farms. Today, IHS boasts the power of its proprietary nano-amplified CBD as a path to maintaining wellness, supported by a rigid quality assurance program and an insistence on product purity. The company markets its growing portfolio of CBD products and services directly to consumers, through premier retail and wholesale channels, and through established medical professionals.

For more information, visit or call 949-794-3400.

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