The Wait For Almond Terra Is Over

You asked and they answered! The No.1 selling chocolate edible in California, Kiva, is welcoming its first CBD-rich flavor to the family. CBD Almond Terra is all the things. Rich, crunchy, sweet and salty. Each bite contains 5MG of CBD and 1MG of THC in each delicious, dark chocolate bite. Why we a 5:1 ratio of CBD to THC for this flavor? To answer that question, let’s look at what THC and CBD are and how they work together to create one incredible edible experience.

THC is one of the active constituents of cannabis (called a cannabinoid) responsible for its psychoactive ‘high’ and euphoric and mood-enhancing effects, as well as many of its health benefits. It is also primarily responsible for any uncomfortable side effects associated with cannabis. CBD is THC’s non-intoxicating, but similarly relaxing cousin. Like THC, this cannabinoid may help users manage their pain, anxiety, inflammation, sleep, and other health conditions— with no risk of uncomfortable side effects. The presence of THC has been shown to increase the effectiveness of CBD alone (called ‘The Entourage Effect’), resulting in a more robust health and wellness supplement than the more widely available hemp-based CBD products. 

While THC is the ‘main event’ for many cannabis lovers, others look at its psychoactivity as an unwanted byproduct. There are also times that even the highest tolerance user wants a lighter experience for themselves. Which is why with CBD Almond Terra’s launch, Kiva is excited to announce that all of its brands now have a CBD option.

So, how does one choose their favorite?

The key to choosing which products are right for you comes down to your sensitivity to THC and your desired experience. A THC-rich product is going to have the strongest mind-altering effects, while a CBD-rich product is going to provide the most subtle experience. Kiva’s current CBD offerings include: its CBD Citrus Petra Mint (which has a minimal amount of THC); its new 5:1 CBD Almond Terra Bite; its recently released 5:1 Dark Chocolate Kiva Bar; its 3:1 CBD-rich Sparkling Pear Camino Gummy; and, its 1:1 Espresso Kiva Bar. Each product offers a wholly unique experience.

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