Warfighter Hemp Says Stop Taking Opioids, Start Taking CBD

Rather than harming themselves, veterans have been asked to reach out to a battle buddy, stop taking opioids and to start taking CBD, said Warfighter Hemp founder Steve Danyluk at New West Summit in San Francisco recently.

Danyluk has some sobering data to back this advice. According to data from the Department of Veterans Affairs, 20 veterans die by suicide each day. Veterans receiving high doses of opioid painkillers, however, are more than twice as likely to die by suicide.

“We see industrial hemp as the near-term solution,” said Danyluk, whose company, Warfighter Hemp, donates half its proceeds to nonprofits supporting veterans. “The more attention we can bring to industrial hemp, the sooner it becomes mainstream and the VA is more likely to study it.”
Danyluk is working with legislators in Washington and members of the Veteran’s Administration to greenlight a bill to study medicinal hemp as a supplement. CBD derived from industrial hemp is currently being used by veterans to successfully withdraw from opioids and manage their pain, anxiety, insomnia and PTSD, among other issues, said Danyluk. 

The pioneer has engaged Dr. Kamal Kalsi to consult with Warfighter Hemp on medical issues. Dr. Kalsi is an ER doctor and a U.S. Army officer, who spoke at the conference. His session, “Cannabis is Not Alternative Medicine. It’s Simply Medicine,” looked at how cannabis treatments can aide any number of ailments based on various applications including ingestion, topicals to medical precision nanotechnology.

Visit https://warfighterhemp.com/va-2019-medicinal-hemp-research-act/ to learn how you can support a Medicinal Hemp Research Act. 

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