Consumer Alert! Beware of fake ads promoting CBD products which claim to be sponsored by Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz!

WARNING: Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz Have Never Promoted or Advertised CBD Gummies or Any CBD Oil Product

In massive wave of fake advertisements circulating the internet, fraudsters are claiming that Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz have teamed up to release a revolutionary CBD product.
This is totally false. Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz have never endorsed or sold any CBD or cannabis product. The advertisement is fake all around.

The advertisements, which can be found online claim that Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz in various ways that the pair of Doctors have recently started investing in a cannabis or CBD product/brand.

The products are usually named something generic and nobody really knows what if anything in the product is actually real or not.

It is important for consumers to know that there are REAL CBD products on the market and they shouldn’t be fooled by these fake celebrity endorsements.

But How Do the CBD Gummies & Oils Supposedly Work?

The Dr. Oz and Dr. Phill CBD Gummies & Oils claim to have magical effects on the body. The websites describe how “CBD Oils & Gummies have been found to have a great improvement on key functions in the human body including – the nervous system , mental system, and overall human health.”

Some of the benefits on the websites include:

  • Joint health recovery
  • Anxiety relief
  • Headache prevention
  • Relief from chronic pains and aches
  • Various antioxidant & digestive health benefits
  • Blood sugar benefits
  • Cognitive health benefits

It’s amazing how these websites can claim celebrity endorsements and get away with it.

In light of all this news we decided to do our own research to find the best cbd oils and gummies for our readers so that they don’t need to be fooled by scams and fraud which is all over the internet these days.

Here is a list of brands which we favor for ourselves:

#1 Daily Health CBD Gummies

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