Vona & Sigur Rós Launch New CBD Tincture Line ‘WAKE’ + ‘SLEEP’

Vona, a collective of artists, researchers, farmers, formulators, and experts in the cannabidiol (CBD) field, launched its first line of CBD tinctures, SLEEP and WAKE, created with the help of Jónsi Birgisson of Sigur Rós. Both products center around creativity – SLEEP assists with rest and dreamcycles while WAKE boosts one’s energy and attentiveness.

A line of 1000mg-strength tinctures, SLEEP and WAKE come from high-grade, organic hemp, which VONA grows from handpicked seed. Vona enlisted Jónsi, trained in the fields of aromatherapy and perfume, to craft the perfect blend of CBD extractions and essential oils.

“It’s like with music, a scent can move you and you don’t exactly know why, because it’s invisible,” says Jónsi. “It’s like pure alchemy. It’s an open platform for experimentation and discovery, and the more you mix together, the better results you’ll probably get.”


Jónsi’s own relationship with hemp stems back a decade, eventually leading him to experiment with CBD to counteract his insomnia. SLEEP and WAKE arrive as his second CBD product; in 2017, he partnered with CBD company Lord Jones for a line of Sigurberry CBD Gummies. As he grew familiar with CBD, Jónsi realized experience with scents and art could be used to create specialized CBD concoctions.

According to the company’s co-founder Matthew Chase, Vona, which means “hope” in Icelandic, provides not only the finest CBD products but also full transparency to their consumers. The creation is overseen by self-described “backyard chemist” Joel Rines, who believes transparency and artistry are just as important as chemistry when crafting the best tincture.

“One thing that really separates us from other CBD manufacturers is the fact that we know everything from which process our water was filtered, to where the actual seed came from that went into the ground all the way to where our terpenes were sourced,” Joel assures. ““However, to take it a step further, our product line for Vona has inspiration from within itself.”

Vona found inspiration from Sigur Rós’ music, which became part of the formula itself. Research and development member Wilfred Hurst calls the process “an ever-evolving experiment in experience creation,” meaning that tinctures will evolve based on artistic inspiration as much as chemistry. “Jónsi genuinely loves learning, experimenting, and creating,” says Hurst of their partnership with the musician. “Each brainstorming session, he wants to learn the deeper how and why.”



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