Kiva Cloud Nine Holiday Cocktail

Gabriel Cothes, lead bartender at Salt House in San Francisco loves to serve a lush, rich, peppermint-infused cocktail around the holidays, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from alcohol. Here’s Gabriel’s Kiva-infused holiday treat! Easy to make, even easier to enjoy.

Weed Cellars Wine Elevates Consumers

Is Weed Cellars the symbol of sanity in a crazy cannabis-infused world? Perhaps, and it doesn’t even contain cannabis. Let us explain: Weed Cellars is an alcohol brand comprising a portfolio of wines, which have scored high marks in the wine and spirits trade and consumer media.

Keef Cannabis-Infused Beverages Arrive in NorCal

Keef Cola reflects a revolutionary wave of social consumption, as the quality of taste-making sodas are poised to attract savvy cannabis consumers, while the approachable flavors reminiscent of soda fountain staples also welcome the canna-curious to pop the cap and take a sip.

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