“Your Mom Says Hi!” From The Weed Song Duo

LA comedians Carlie Mantilla and Doni Carley are the creators behind “Your Mom Says Hi!”, a comedy pilot starring, written and directed by the duo. Featuring cameos by Lily Tomlin and Richar Lewis, the pilot has garnered acclaim at festivals,…

How To Manage Pain Releaf

Barrett Thayer is the Education Program Manager at Buds and Roses, located on Ventura Boulevard, in Studio City, in L.A., California. His career in the cannabis industry, began in 2014. “At the time, I was working at a bakery across the street from a dispensary in the Castro District of San Francisco,” he told CannEpoch Magazine. “When my shift was over, I would stop by the shop to pick up my medicine and I’d bring in leftover pastries for the budtenders. After getting to know a few of the employees over the course of my tenure there, I became fascinated by the industry, especially when it came to education.”