Herb Essntls’ Cannabis Infused Minimalism

Herb Essntls, the holistic cannabis-centric lifestyle and beauty brand, announced the launch of its all-new Facial Cleansing Oil now available for retail pre-order and shipping, and available on herbessntls.com. Like all Herb Essntls products, it contains no THC and…

Weed Cellars Wine Elevates Consumers

Is Weed Cellars the symbol of sanity in a crazy cannabis-infused world? Perhaps, and it doesn’t even contain cannabis. Let us explain: Weed Cellars is an alcohol brand comprising a portfolio of wines, which have scored high marks in the wine and spirits trade and consumer media.

The Evolution of Kiva Chocolate

Kiva Confections was launched in 2010, when California’s legal cannabis industry was still in its infancy. Founders Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich Palmer are a young couple who realized that most edibles at the time were clumsily packaged, inconsistent in potency and lacked in flavor. They visited a local chocolatier and a lightbulb went off- chocolate and cannabis made the perfect match!

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